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jueves, 2 de junio de 2011


Gracias a la gentileza de mi amigo Ismael Carrasco, les informo que en:

Venezuela starts Digital TV trials

According to what President Hugo Chávez confirmed, next June 6, Venezuela will start its ISDB-T DTT trial broadcastings. The initiative will be carried out with the support of the Japanese Government. On that same day, CANTV will start its DTH trials in homes located in Caracas.
Venezuela chose ISDB-T standard in 2009 and had already announced that in 2011, digital deployment would start. In the meantime, the National Telecommunications Research and Development Center of such country is developing an STB prototype for DTT.
In turn, the state-owned DTH, which utilizes satellite Simón Bolivar, was already being tested in communitarian spaces and shelters. Now, "the widened pilot will cover three thousand homes in Caracas, with an initial 12-channel offer", according to what CANTV president Manuel Fernández confirmed.
Once the pilot stage is concluded, DTH commercialization will start at accessible prices and "always below other operators, as any other service we offer", highlighted Fernández.

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