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jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Brazil executes a DTT cooperation agreement with Chile

The Brazilian Government executed an agreement with Chile by means of which Brazil commits itself to training Chilean professionals, teachers, technicians and students technically in all issues involved in the digital TV implementation of the country. The project will be carried out over a two-year term.
The agreement, which will become effective through the Brazilian Ministry of Communications and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (BCA), was executed last week by the executive secretary of the aforementioned ministry, Cezar Alvarez; the Chilean sub secretary of Telecommunications, Jorge Atton and BCA advisor, Ricardo Peixoto.
Therefore, courses about digital TV broadcasting and reception, content and auditing production are expected to be held in both countries. Additionally, middleware Ginga specific seminars are scheduled.
Chile is one of the 12 countries that chose the Brazilian Japanese standard. Except for Colombia, all South American countries have turned to that system. The Brazilian Cooperation Agency belongs to the International Affairs Ministry structure of such country.

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